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about Karmalaya Handicraft

We are a Nepal-based eco-conscious handicraft enterprise. We manufacture quality upcyled products from non-biodegradable waste like rice and lentil sacks made of polypropylene. We produce range of handmade upcycled everyday use bags and gadgets cases like tote bags, make up bag, laptop cases, pencil bag, yoga mat bag, toiletry bag, and so on. Karmalaya Handicraft employs only socio-economically disadvantaged Nepali women in making these products.

Karmalaya Handicraft is an initiative of Karmalaya Foundation to empower disadvantaged women in Nepal to support their livelihood, become financially self-reliant, and establish entrepreneurship. KH and KF parrelly works in coordination to conduct social programs and address contingency problems.

How we work?

At Karmalaya Handicraft we collect durable non-biodegradable polypropylene (plastic like) and give them a second life as new upcycled products. Karmalaya Handicraft provides skill oriented trainings to disadvantaged women in different places of Nepal. Ths self sustaining KH earns from the products manufactured, invests in women empowerment and cycle of social sustainability continues. ...Read More

Our Products

All our products are handmade by women and have been hand created using upcycled rice and lentil sacks which otherwise would have been environmental pollutant as landfill.


In case you like other patterns, designs and size, you are always welcome to contact us to order your personalized bag. Our ladies will be happy to manufacture your very personal bag according to your wishes.


All the money we get from your purchase is going back into our women empowerment projects to support, train and employ marginalized women, single mothers and their families. You can contact us for bulk order to personalize order.

Our Mission

One of our missions is to empower economically disadvantaged local women financially and assists them in operating successful businesses through skill -oriented trainings and continuous support.

Another mission of Karmalaya Handicraft is to save our mother earth from land filling of plastics and waste, which can instead easily be upcyled for everyday use.

Karmalaya Handicraft aims to provide a safe space for women growing in vulnerable circumstances, living through injustices, and those who are socio-economically backward and marginalized. We want women to be strong, empowered, independent and confidence enough to choose, to decide, to practice what they want. Karmalaya Handicraft visions Nepali society with an integral and indispensable role of woman. For the same vision, we work for empowering women through education.

We Are Together