Karmalaya Foundation

Karmalaya Foundation (KF) is a nonprofit organization that works on numerous social issues fundamentally in rural Nepal. Since its establishment in 2011, KF contributed to diverse social concerns including but not limited to education, health, women's health, children and emergency crisis and disaster like pandemic, natural calamities.

Currently, we are working on following programs.

A. Hostel for Visually Impaired Children

The hostel for visually impaired children located Swaragaon village, Gorkha district is a major project running under the foundation. . The foundation takes care of all expenses of running an entire hostel to support the children as primary guardian.All the livelihood expenses of 12 children living in the hostel is the responsibility of the foundation. The expenses includes food, education, clothes, emergency expenses, and medical expenses too.

B. Child Care Center in Bhokteni, Gorkha

The child care center of Bhokteni village of Gorkha district is running in collaboration of Karmlaya foundation and rural municipality educates around 35 children in the day care center. All the infranstructure of school is constructed by KF. And currently around 40 children get free education and care. KF has appointed teachers and helpers for the center whose remuneration is KF's responsibility.

C. Covid-19 Relief Aid

Karmalaya Foundation was largely involved in distribution of covid-19 relief aid. The foundation provided monetary support, food distribution, operated food bank, immediate medical support to covid-infected patients at doorstep. Poverty-stricken family, daily wage earner who were harshly affected by complete lockdown were supported. Staffs of Karmalaya Private Culture who initially were engaged in tourism but currently unemployed got support from KF. Beside that, KF distributed virus precautionary materials like masks, sanitizers, gloves, soaps, building handwash station at number of organizations, schools of Nepal including our own child care .

D. Women's health and Public Health Program

Karmalaya Foundation has been conducting public health and women's health related programs in rural areas and plans to organize more in future. Awareness program, guidance and support for medical cases are two methods internalized in the program. The major topic includes women's reproductive health, menstruation, sanitation, cleanlines, dental health, nutrition, and so on.

E. Education for Needy children and long term sponsor

Karmalaya Foundation supports children from around Nepal towards quality education. Deserving children are individually supported in their journey of education by providing long term academic sponsorship to short term assistanship. In short term and contigency form, KF distributes school materials like uniform, smart phone and stationeries like books, copy, pencils, school bag, and so on.