Our Team

Ms Pragya Neupane

Ms Pragya Neupane, founder of Karmlaya Handicraft is a social work graduate. Ms Pragya has always stood for social cause and her efforts to support socio-economically disadvantaged people grew during the university studies, internships and work life. With frequent changes in multiple jobs, she dreamt of establishing own team to conduct women and children oriented social programs.


Mr. Bhagwan Karki

Mr Karki, a social worker has been actively working for people living in rural areas of Nepal in terms of their livelihood improvement since 2010. During this entire working experience, he concluded that "women's role in family and society is indispensable and incomparable" in the context he believes women's financial self dependency resolves existing social problems to some extent.

(COMMON FOR BOTH FOUNDERS) The same vision, dream and drive of Pragya and Bhagwan gave a birth to Karmalaya Handicraft. Their effort to combine women empowerment with more social issues like environmental sustainability, entrepreneurship created unique enterprise addressing all the mentioned topics. Dedicated and creative founders have been directly involved in all the KH production procedure from selection of material to designing and shipment of products. Through Karmalaya Handicraft they vision to empower women by providing them platform for sustainable income, producing quality usable products from minimum cost but easily available environment pollutants and marching for clean, healthy environment with empowered society.

Ms Tina Eckert
Founder & Mentor

A travel journalist Tina Eckert from Austria is a founder of Karmalaya, a social travel company. Tina is a principle mentor of Karmalaya Handicraft. With an immediate intention to bring financial empowerment of marginalised women of Nepal through employment opportunity and to promote environmental sustainability through pollution reduction, Tina as an social entrepreneur guided KH. She is an initiator of Karmalaya to promote and practice volunteerism and also a founder for the Karmalaya Heart work and Soul Travel which is working as a social projects combined Tourism.